Pinellas County Divorce Lawyers

Pinellas Divorce Lawyer Listings:

Brad Bole - Rahdert, Steele, Bryan, Bole & Reynolds Brad Bole - Rahdert, Steele, Bryan, Bole & Reynolds
535 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Local: (727) 823-4191
Florida divorce attorney Brad Bole stands for your rights in alimony, custody, child support, paternity and family law cases in the Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg area.

Scott & Fenderson, P. A. Scott & Fenderson, P. A.
4755 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713
Local: (727) 321-0099, Fax: (727) 321-4499
We aggressively litigate custody and divorce cases, including paternity, custody, and child support. We approach divorce and custody utilizing state of the art techniques including: electronic legal research on Westlaw, scientific DNA paternity testing, home study evaluations, psychological evaluations, custody studies, mediation, and expert witnesses. This approach to family law replaces antiquated practices of mud slinging and name calling with a more scientific and legal approach.